Create Your Own Leadership Development Plan and Supercharge Your Small Business Growth 

Thursday 5th September - 7pm UK Time 


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There's never been a more exciting and demanding time to grow a smaller business into a larger business. We have access to the worldwide market for talent, tech, innovation, knowledge and clients. Our businesses have the potential to be global at a much earlier stage in their development. 

But leaders of small and powerful businesses find themselves navigating an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world where opportunities to grow are infinite but so too are the hazards, both real and perceived. The quality of leadership has never been more important because of the tight link between the decisions you make in a complex and changing environment and how your behaviour impacts those around you.

In July 2019, Jobrapido surveyed 1,444 employees across more than 20 different industry sectors in the UK including sales, marketing, engineering, transportation, construction and technology and found that two-thirds (66%) of employees plan to leave within 12 months because of their boss' poor leadership style. 

However, this doesn't tell the human story. The majority of bosses I work with truly care about their employees and aspire to be the best leaders they can be. The enemy of leadership development in small businesses comes from bosses being overwhelmed with running the business and not knowing where to start in creating a leadership development plan for themselves.  

How much more clarity and connection with your team would you have if you were able to step out of the 'weeds' and into being a more confident and connected leadership role?  

You are not alone.  

I've seen this in businesses, large and small, across the world.  

It is difficult to think clearly at the strategic level about ever changing team development topics when you’re incredibly busy with running your business.

It’s hard to gain insight and understanding into yourself and how you need to grow to lead your business without external perspectives from people you trust.  

But most importantly, your business growth is limited by your leadership growth. It can't grow beyond your ability to grow as a leader. 

So here's a free class on how to create your plan to grow as a leader for your small business:  

  • Gain insight and understanding into yourself and how you need to grow to lead your business further. 
  • Have confidence about your personal leadership impact on your team, stakeholders and industry. 
  • Get a clear vision and strategy for how you can lead people to create the growth and realise the vision you have for your business.  

I will share with you what I’ve learned through the 23 years I've been working with leaders of global businesses of all sizes in this special, one off Masterclass.  

In this 60 minute Free Masterclass I Will Show You:

How Your Leadership Affects Your Small Business Profitability

And the key topics you should concentrate on in your leadership development plan to cut complexity and create more clarity for yourself and your team.  

Learn How to Create your Leadership Development Plan

So you can target the resources and experiences you need to gain to develop your leadership capability in this volatile and complex environment.  

How to Create a Leadership Peer Mentoring Group

I will share the secret location of my free Facebook group where you can get support through the year as you put your leadership development plan into action. 

I will also be sharing with you the new program for The Atomic Leaders Accelerator Programme, which opens its doors on 7th October 2019 for leaders of small and powerful businesses. Sign up to receive a copy of the replay and stay in touch through newsletters and updates. This Accelerator program is focused on helping you lead a small business that 'punches above its weight' in growth and impact.

During this masterclass, you will learn:  

• The key differences between leading a small business in the past versus how small business leadership needs to change to meet the demands of the near future. • How you can carve out time and energy for yourself to grow yourself as a leader and not only as a business owner. • The key experiences and resources you can access that will help you to develop your ability to lead your business into the future. • How to evaluate your progress on your leadership development journey and decide when you need to adjust your approach. • The next steps you can take towards building a leadership support network of your own.  


My name is Wendy Kendall and I’ve been supporting leaders of global businesses for the last 23 years. Early in my career as a business psychologist, most people started their businesses after a long career in the corporate world. But times have changed and just at the same time as it's easier to start and grow a business, the demands on leaders in small businesses have risen considerably.  

Large, global businesses know that they need to invest in leadership development over the longer term and invest huge amounts of time and money. But small business leaders don't always have the time, knowledge and resources to invest in a world-class leadership development programme that fits their needs?  

I decided I had to take action to address this need. I love global business and believe wholeheartedly that effective, global leaders in small, powerful companies will be the engine of our global economy. It's also a local issue. We have exciting and inspiring businesses led by people full of passion for their industries. And now they need to step more powerfully into their roles as local leaders and role models too. 

If this program is of interest to you, then I invite you to sign up for the live Masterclass I will be hosting on 5th September 2019. You will also receive the recording of the Masterclass, newsletters and updates regarding future launches of The Atomic Leaders development program.